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How to research effectively

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn when, where, and how to do research for your academic paper. In the process, you’ll learn about both online and offline research with their respective features. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to plan your research and use the various options to find and organize your sources.

Start your tutorial:

  • Module 1
    Duration: 3 minutes

    Planning your research

    Learn why research is important, how much research is necessary for your paper, and how to create your personal research schedule.

  • Module 2
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Finding relevant literature

    Find out what databases you can consult for your research, how to use keywords and filters effectively, and how to use the snowball system.

  • Module 3
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Possibilities of online research

    Learn how to tell if an online source is reliable, how to work with university-affiliated databases, and how to make the best use of digital texts.

  • Module 4
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Possibilities of offline research

    How do you take advantage of library offers and how do you find printed texts in the library? What options do you have to make the best use of printed texts?

  • Module 5
    Duration: 3 minutes

    Differentiating between primary and secondary sources

    Fin what primary and secondary sources are and what you need them for in your term paper, as well as how to add sources in your bibliography or reference list.

  • Module 6
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Organizing your research

    Learn how to keep track of your reading, how to connect different research findings, and how to formulate an argument based on existing research.

  • Module 7
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Keeping track of your sources (Expert Edition)

    What reference management programs are there, and what are their advantages? How do you find out which program suits you best?