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About us

Hausarbeiten is an international student platform. Here, you’ill find everything you need to kickstart your studies at university. We offer a huge range of academic papers in over 100 subjects. Start your research at Hausarbeiten and you’ll get an extensive overview of your subject area! Are you struggling to start researching and writing your first paper? Don’t worry! Hausarbeiten also offers tutorials about researching and writing scientific papers.

Hausarbeiten is presented to you by GRIN Publishing

GRIN is Germany’s largest platform for academic texts. It offers a fast and free publication service for students, researchers and everybody who writes scientific texts. GRIN authors publish their texts as e-books and printed books with individual ISBNs, and earn high royalties. Their publications appear in the GRIN web shop, at Hausarbeiten, but also in online shops worldwide. Even local bookstores sell their publications. Are you interested in our publication service? Visit GRIN and see how easy academic publishing can be!

How we design online shops

Fair and with a strong focus on customers’ needs and wishes

In our understanding, an online shop should be easy and fun to use. At Hausarbeiten you can easily browse your academic subject. If you are looking for something specific, our powerful search will help you. It offers you search suggestions for your keywords and a set of helpful filters. Additionally, Hausarbeiten is certified by Trusted Shops. Buying e-books and books at Hausarbeiten is safe, easy and transparent.

Personal and friendly customer service

Hausarbeiten is a reliable partner for your studies – this also includes personal customer service which is happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Call us or contact us via e-mail and chat. We enjoy a direct exchange with our customers and take your suggestions and problems seriously. We value your feedback. So please don’t hesitate to contact us!

A partner during your studies

Hausarbeiten helps you master the challenges of your studies at university. How do you write a scientific paper? Where can you find literature and online sources for your research? Our website provides all the important information about writing an academic paper. And in our web shop, you’ll find scientific publications in over 100 subjects!

The best of both worlds

Hausarbeiten offers a huge range of publications – online and offline! You can buy and download our e-books in only a few minutes. If you prefer a printed book, most of our publications can also be ordered as such. We support local bookstores, too. Stay flexible, visit your favorite bookstore or online shop and buy our books there!