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How to cite correctly

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In this tutorial, we will show you why you need quotations in an academic or scientific paper, how to quote texts, illustrations etc., and what a list of references should look like. After you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to write a scientific paper which complies with Good Scientific Practice (GSP) and properly cite all sources.

Start your tutorial:

  • Image: A piece of paper with quitation marks on it
    Module 1
    Duration: 3 minutes

    Why is citing important?

    Get to know the basics of copyright. You’ll learn why citations are such an important part of scientific papers.

  • Image: Two persons pointing at words in a text
    Module 2
    Duration: 3 minutes

    What must be cited?

    Find out which elements need to be cited in a paper and what the difference is between citing directly or indirectly.

  • Image: An open book whose pages form a heart
    Module 3
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Citing books and other publications

    Learn how to cite books or journals. What’s the difference between monographs, anthologies or journals when it comes to citation?

  • Image: A young woman using a laptop and a smartphone
    Module 4
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Citing websites or social media

    Online sources have their own requirements regarding a correct citation. Let’s see what’s special about citing websites and social media.

  • Image: A young woman with headphones using a tablet
    Module 5
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Citing images, videos and more

    Find out when you need to cite music or visual content and how this works. This module is about songs, videos, films, series, games, etc.

  • Image: A web of speech bubbles
    Module 6
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Applying citation styles

    What should a reference look like? Which information is needed and where should it be placed? Get to know the most common citation styles.

  • Image: A young woman studying at a library
    Module 7
    Duration: 3 minutes

    Creating a list of references or a bibliography

    A scientific paper should always include a list of references or a bibliography. Learn how to create it with Microsoft Word or a referencing tool.