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How to format in Word

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to format your academic paper in Microsoft Word (version: Office 365 or Office 2019) and how you can use it more efficiently. After completing this tutorial, you will know the basics of formatting, be able to create automatic indexes, handle section breaks and page breaks, and use styles and shortcuts. Here you can find our template for writing academic papers in Word 2019 and 2021 (in German): All default settings are stored, so you can start writing immediately: Word template for academic papers

Starte jetzt und wähle ein Modul:

  • Smiling woman with laptop
    Module 1
    Duration: 3 minutes

    Formatting font, line spacing and alignment

    Find out what a good layout should look like and how to use font types, line spacing, and alignment.

  • Woman with laptop in café
    Module 2
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Formatting page numbers and footnotes

    Find out how to insert automatic page numbers, footnotes, and a bibliography and learn how to start your paper’s introduction on page 1.

  • Wooden blocks with roman numerals
    Module 3
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Creating an automatic table of contents

    Find out how to insert an automatic table of contents and automatic lists of figures or tables. We’ll show you what the requirements for such indexes are.

  • Wood blocks, numbered with Arabic numerals
    Module 4
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Creating bulleted or numbered lists

    Find out how to create bulleted or numbered lists and learn how to use multilevel lists to number your headings.

  • Serious student girl in glasses reading book
    Module 5
    Duration: 4 minutes

    Dealing with widows and orphans

    Find out how to use paragraphs in a meaningful way, how to avoid separated lines and how to use hard and soft line breaks.

  • Young man using laptop with tablet and pen on wooden table
    Module 6
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Formatting headers and footers

    Find out how to insert header and footers and learn how to use a different header for your title page and how to incorporate chapter references.

  • Very happy young woman with laptop
    Module 7
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Using styles and shortcuts

    Find out how to use, create, and modify styles and get to know the most useful shortcuts.

  • Male hand highlighting important figures in report with bright pink color
    Module 8
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Inserting tables, pictures and captions

    Find out how to create a table and how to insert pictures, shapes, and SmartArt. Learn how to add captions to tables and graphic elements.

  • PC, laptop, tablet and phone financial statistics displayed on the screen on wooden table
    Module 9
    Duration: 5 minutes

    Inserting charts and equations

    Find out how to add charts or graphs to present your data and learn how to write an equation or formula.